Indoctrinaires - Usse

from by Usse / H. de Heutz



This is a national scorn
You cad, you offspring
You white paper bad boy boring born
Just a little just like dad joy
Another pale faced sad ploy
Powerfully predictable
Champion of the usurial
It should be farcical but it’s not, it’s a brutal crucible
Trudeau Mulroney Chretien Martin Harper Trudeau
Just like every predecessing PMO
So unspecial, so a la mode

Dynastic bastard
I can’t claim to know your intent but I know the effects after
Sunny ways, uncynical affection
Recognition, truth and reconciliation
Reform the election
It’s 2015! We’ll have referenda!
But in 2019? Lucky strike
What a con, what a preying upon

'No relationship is more important’
'Reconciliation isn’t just a word that we use’
'We’re on traditional unceded territories and please set your phones to vibrate and there is a car in a parking lot somewhere with lights left on, enjoy the show!’

Meanwhile women and girls are still missing, murdered, expunged
Children in court of appeal are being hung out over welfare discrimination
And elders’ praises are always routinely sung right before you do a number upon
Femicide, ecocide, genocide, on every side we refuse to recognize
To extinguish, assimilate and fabricate fourth levels of state is just another white line
1494, 1763, 1969, pick any date, expiration untried
Because nobody else gets to walk away
So don't touch that dial, don’t deny, don’t delay

This is the question on inquiring settlers’ minds
How did we begin to be called out as colonizers?
By those colonized?
As racists?
Is it because we come from other places?
Does acquiescence mean you displace us?
When did memory’s selective contraceptive drop?
And what does it mean to want it to stop?
And just who here is supposed to respond to all these thoughts?

Don’t try to save white faces in the spaces created from your own newfound disgraces
Lest you overlook the fact that history is not in a state of stasis
True answers are real
They’re everywhere in these places
Your own family, you may learn, is today one of such cases
All our continuation is a current of generations
So end this skullduggery
The passing down of rivers and land as the fruits of European uncovery
And stop the lie of succession by which all settlers inherit heir apparent power
The fucking doctrine of discovery


from Rags of Declaration, released March 13, 2020
Jud Crandall - voice, saxophone, percussion
Sebastian Fleet - viola, percussion
Emily Saab - percussion

Made by Usse 11/19-01/20 at S779 in the municipality of Saint John NB, at the Wolastoq River mouth. For Onyx.



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